Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledgebase

1.What kind of advertisement could I sell on this site?

    You could sell the text link on the home page, inner page and site wide links.

2.Will Google punish me for selling text links?

    Google's official policy is that they don't approve of "paid" text links. However, they themselves sell sponsored text links on their own search results pages. Text link selling/buying remains a vital part of increasing search engine rankings and you can almost guarantee that any website listed highly in Google's organic search results has done so. What's more, madeinlink are in fact the decisive factor for Google's ranking calculations and they form the basis of a successful ranking. For this reason madeinlink are important for Google and other search engines. It is also difficult to determine whether a test link has been sold or bought with the aim of increasing the popularity of the link, or whether it has been set "naturally".

3.How could I be informed if the text link was sold out?

You could find the notification of the sold link details (URL, keyword, location) in your account registered on our website when the text link was sold out. You will also receive an email notify you to put up the text links if there is an order.

4.Do I have to add your installation code to my web page(s) or I could place the sold text link(s) manually?

    You could both add our installation code to your page and place the text links manually. But we strongly suggest you to install the code to your web page. By adding our code, text links purchased by other users are able to be added and removed on your web pages automatically and thus no action is required by you.

5.Do you provide the installation code in JSP, javascript, or C# format?

    Unfortunately, we do not support JSP, javascript and C# (C+, C++) formats. We only support the following programming languages at present: ASP, PHP, ColdFusion. Sorry for the inconvenience.

6. How and when could I receive the payment of the link I sold?

    Payments are made within the first 3 days of the month. Payment is sent for the total number of sold text links present in your account on the last calendar date of the preceding month. Payments could be sent via paypal, moneybooker and bank transfer. Paypal is strongly suggested.

    If all the performance was fulfilled in the exact period successfully, you could withdraw the money from the account on our site when the link you sold is expired.

8. What will happen if there is a problem (e.g the link was remove) on the link which was sold after integrated?

    If there is a problem on the link which was sold after integrated, an email about that problem will be sent to you and you will be required to make it up within 3 days, or you are not likely to get the money related with that link.

9. Within how many days should I integrate the link after it was sold?

    You should integrate the link immediately. If not, the time for integrating should not beyond 3 days, or the order will be cancelled.

10. Is there any commission to sell text links on the site? How much could I earn for each text link sold?

     It is totally free for us to sell text links for you on our site. The price for the link you want to display on the site is set by you. You will get the same amount of money as the price you set.

11. Do you allow hidden links, no follow tags, or similar?

    Unfortunately no, these are strictly against our Terms of Use. Quote: "When a Publisher publishes Company text links, the code must not include any linking technique unreadable by search engine spiders. This includes using noindex/noarchive meta tags, nofollow tags, redirections, robots.txt redirections and cloaking methods. Sold text links must be visible on the Publisher pages at all times. Hiding these links or making them invisible is considered system abuse."

12. How does the service work?

    In general our service works as follows: We provide a small section of code (PHP, ASP, ColdFusion) that you would use to copy and paste into the page(s) where you want to sell text links. These would be pages that have a Google PageRank (PR) value of 1 or higher. Once the code is successfully installed in your source code you can activate your web page(s) within our service. Or you could choose to place the link manually. At that point your page(s) are made available to our customer and they can choose to purchase text links on them if they desire. Their decision will be based on PR value, relevancy, etc. Also you will be able to enter a brief description for each page, place it under a category for relevancy, and also filter out text link purchases from unwanted categories of websites. The text links will appear on your page(s) wherever you copy and paste the installation code. Mostly most of people place the code in a sidebar or footer file.

13. How do I activate my page to sell links?

    In order to activate your listing the next step is to click "My standard Pages" in the left side menu then under your URL click on the button labeled "installation code". Select the type of web page you will be adding links to, it must use either PHP, ASP, ColdFusion. PHP = Be sure to use the appropriate web page extension: *.php ASP = Be sure to use the appropriate web page extension: *.asp ColdFusion = Be sure to use the appropriate web page extension: *.cfm Cut and paste the code into your web page where you would like the text links to be displayed. Be sure that the code is pasted directly into the source code of the homepage and that the code is not being included by the use of frames. Once the code is added to your web page, click the "Validate Web Page" link in the "My standard Pages" section of your control panel. This will verify that our software is working correctly on your web page. Also your web host will need to allow remote calls from your website/web server. In general this means they will need to have URL or fopen enabled on your web hosting server. You will need to check with your web host directly to see if this is supported.

14. What if sent payment to the wrong paypal account?

    All payments are sent to the paypal account listed in your Control Panel under the edit my account settings button. If this address is not correct you should log-in to your Control Panel and update it immediately. After doing so you can contact us. with the incorrect paypal account and the amount/date of the payment that we sent. We will investigate to see whether the payment was denied or the funds were returned to us. Once this is confirmed we can re-send the payment manually to the corrected paypal account.